Privacy and Policies

By using the online service epowerplanner (collectively, "the Service"), provided by Tejas IT Solutions Pvt Ltd (collectively, "TEJASIT," "we" or "us") you agree to be bound by the following Terms of Service. The Polocies may be updated by us from time to time without notice. You can review the most current version of the Policy at any time at:

epowerplanner is a cloud based software with multi-level security ensured with SSL. The data is secured with data encryption. Data is hosted in Amazon web service or equivalent cloud providers.

We value & preserve the privacy of you. Our policy terms are focused to objective of capturing & protecting the customer information we collect during sign-up & use of system. These policies are integral component of epowerplanner terms & conditions and no where is different for our collaboration with customers.

1.Information That epowerplanner Ask for

We capture Organization based information that is, Name, Address, Email Id, contact number, website and provider information. These information are captured for epowerplanner database and are not shared with any third party. These information are not limited in scope of personal information instead focused to extensive detailed information like the subscription purchased and license included.

2. How We Use Captured Information

epowerplanner uses customer's information for the following purposes:

Managing and running our services like initial account creation and payment related operations

To provide support to questions raised by customer

Communication for latest updates or releases

3. Sign-up Process:

Customer will sign-up and share the information asked from them. After the customer will share the required information, the configuration will be done by epowerplanner. The process will take minimal time. Customer corporation is equally important for entire configuration setup.

4. Clients/Users:

epowerplanner is designed in a way that it preserve the personal information of users as well as provider.

5. Customer Data:

The Customer shall own all rights, title and interest in and to all of the Customer Data and shall have sole responsibility for the legality, reliability, integrity, accuracy and quality of the Customer Data.

epowerplanner shall, in providing the Services, comply with the terms and conditions relating to the privacy and security of the Customer Data and comply with the data security standards.

6. Third Party Integration:

We don’t allow third party integrations. We will fulfil privacy responsibility of our behalf, the customer has to ensure the privacy from their end.

7. Copyright:

epowerplanner and related features and documents are proprietary property of TEJASIT. The Customer are obliged to maintain the integrity of epowerplanner and should not violate the terms.

8. Amendments in Privacy Policy:

We can amend and revise the privacy policies with the latest norms of industry. We encourage you to visit & read these policies and keep yourself updated with revised terms of epowerplanner privacy policies.

9. Data Storage & Backup:

Supplier confirms that Customer data captured by epowerplanner is stored on Cloud with Amazon Web Services or equivalent cloud providers. epowerplanner is a multi-tenant cloud platform and will not provide back up for individual customer data, however customer can take backups of their own data as required through the web report interface.

10. Security Policy:

We believe to preserve Customer data intact and safe. epowerplanner has implemented security standards to ensure security from software end. Customer has to confirm the security standard from their end. They can follow the mentioned measure to comply with security standards:

Install malware protection software

Use firewall protection

Use passwords with strong combinations

Do not share your credentials with anybody else either from workforce area or personal

When leaving your system, immediately log-out of your account.

11. Cookies:

Web surfing might include cookies. These cookies will store information related to your browsing. You can remove cookies anytime from your end.

12. Data Protection:

epowerplanner is having high level security policy. We restrict unauthorised access from our end, but final protection comes from users itself. They have to follow the terms & policies agreed during collaboration.

13. Compliance to Privacy terms:

With reading this site, customer agrees to complies to epowerplanner's privacy terms. If customer has different opinion for privacy terms and do not abide by these terms, we request the customer to not use this website and policies mentioned over here.